IFFT/インテリア・ライフスタイル・リビング 11月14日開幕 出展社ピックアップ

パブリックスペースを意識して「KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD」を展示する
KARIMOKU presents "KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD", that is designed for public spaces.
The brand "YURURI", designed for communication among family members in urban apartments.



KU NEW STANDARD」は、パブリックスペースなどに提案できる機能性とデザイン性を兼ね備えたモデル「PANORAM
 建築デザインスタジオ、ノームアーキテクツとのコラボレーションによる「Norm Architects meets karimoku」、熊野氏がデザインした国産ヒノキ材を使った軽量家具シリーズ「MAS Family」は、伝統的な組接ぎをポイントに、同社の木工技術の伝承と革新を表現している。升のようなシンプルなたたずまいで、アームチェア、アームレスチェアのいずれもスタッキング仕様になっている。

Supervised by Mr. KUMANO, Targeting Furniture Which Fits a Space of a Building

KARIMOKU FURNITURE INC., which appointed a designer Mr. Wataru KUMANO as a supervisor, will exhibit furniture for public buildings, such as commercial facilities, offices, and so on. The theme is "Design of furniture which fits in a space of a building". The company will join the exhibition, enhancing products produced by the collaboration with the designer.
"KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD", one of KARIMOKU's brands, was highly estimated in the last Milan Design Week. From the brand, the company will exhibit "PANORAMA CHAIR", "PROP BOARD", and so on, which can be offered for public spaces with their functionality and designability.
The brand "Norm Architects meets karimoku" is collaboration with Norm Architects, a well-known studio of architecture. "MAS Family", KARIMOKU's another brand, is a series of light furniture designed by Mr. KUMANO. Both brands are made by Kumitsugi, a traditional skill of corner joint, which shows the fact that KARIMOKU succeeds and innovates tradition of woodworking. Their design is as simple as masu, a traditional square wooden box which is used as a measure gauge or a cup for rice wine. Both of their arm chairs and armless chairs are stackable.
KARIMOKU will also exhibit "KUNST" by INODA and Schweie, a design unit, with much more variety of textiles made by Kvadrat.

マンションライフ コンパクトに提案


Compact Furniture for Living in Urban Apartment

Hida Sangyo's concept in the exhibition is "Comfortable life in compact space". The company will present new products, mainly comfortable chairs based on human engineering.
"YURURI" is the company's new brand, which was revealed in the Furniture Festival in Hida this year. The brand is designed for being used in compact spaces of urban apartments. For better communication among family members, its sofa and dining-chair are designed to be almost the same height. Ms. Mio KODAIRA from Design Department said, "It is designed for people both in living room and in dining room. When sitting, they can make eye contact easily beyond the barrier between the two rooms".
The company united the design of dining room, living room with a couch, and open cabinets. Its table has a semicircular shape, which enables users to set the table along the wall.
"Hida Sangyo designs a new life based on skills and data. Please visit our booth!", said Mr. Atsushi MORINO, the President and Director of Sales Planning Department. In addition, the company will exhibit "SEOTO-EX", designed by Mr. Motomi KAWAKAMI, and chairs made of domestic timbers from many areas in Japan.



OKAMURA Exhibits Various Furniture for Learning

Okamura will suggest new type of desk for learning, which can be rearranged as a desk for living room or as a desk for private room, according to growth of children and lifestyle of family.
OKAMURA will present many possible patterns of "VICHINO", one of the company's brands of desk for learning. VICHINO can be used as a desk for living room and dining room, by putting an open shelf and other parts together, a table top, shelf boards, and so on. "Our exhibition shows the possibility of various combinations by a piece of furniture and other parts. Please visit our booth!", said Mr. Masashi OBATA, Director of Sales, Promoting, and Planning for Interior Department.
OKAMURA's another exhibition is "Ressac", a multi-purpose chair which supports an idealistic posture. In addition, the company will present "Ruscello", which is a personal reclining chair covered by a sheet of mesh material which makes a sitter feel coolness. You can also see "lieuble", a thin type of desk with width of 45 cm which can be used both by adults and by children, and "BRIO", a system of open storage that can show the content as an interior and that is designed for SOHO use. OKAMURA is free from the stereotyped use of learning desk and will exhibit for those who are particular about designability, material, and quality.

A thin type desk for living room "lieuble" and a chair for various purposes "Ressac".